Gate to Gate

A narrow Life Cycle Assessment, focusing on only one phase of the production process.


An umbrella term used to refer to people who experience a same-sex or same-gender attraction.


See Green Climate Fund


Used to describe socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities, and attributes that society considers “appropriate” for men and women.

Gender binary

The classification system consisting of two genders, male and female.

Gender dysphoria

A feeling of discomfort that occurs in people whose gender identity differs from their birth assigned sex.

Gender equality

The concept of providing the same opportunities for men and women in the workplace.

Gender equity

See Equity and Gender equality

Gender expansive

Someone whose gender expression does not conform to social expectations or stereotypes.

Gender expression

A person shows external displays of gender (masculine or feminine) based on one or more of dress, demeanour and or social behaviour.

Gender fluid

A person who is gender fluid changes their gender over time or may switch between dressing as male or female.

Gender identity

A person’s perception of their gender, which may or may not correspond with their birth-assigned sex.

Gender neutral / Gender neutrality

The concept that policies, language and other social institutions should avoid distinguishing roles based on sex or gender in order to avoid discrimination.

Gender non-conforming (GNC) / Gender variant

A term used to describe a person who does not conform to society’s expectations of gender expression.

Gender policing

The enforcement of normative gender expressions on a person who is perceived as not participating in behaviour that aligns with their assigned gender at birth.

Gender queer

A catch-all term for people who have non-binary gender identities.

Gender role

A socially assigned expectation or cultural norm, for instance related to behaviour, mannerisms and dress, based on gender.

Gender spectrum

The concept that there are many different genders besides male and female and that an individual may identify with one or other gender or a range along a continuum in between the two as extremes.

Gender transition

When a person brings their external gender expression in line with how they see themselves on the inside.

Gender-lens Investing

Used to describe a range of contexts in which funds are deployed to pursue gender parity.

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