Discrimination in favour of able-bodied people.


The approval of a policy or system change by the public, politicians, or governments.

Access and Affordability

The ability of a company to ensure broad access to its products and services.


In a D&I context, the “ability to access” the functionality of a system or entity and gain the related benefits.

Acclimate / Acclimation

Adaptation to changes in the natural environment.


In a diversity and inclusion (D&I) context, a change of environment or standard practice that enables an individual with a disability to have equal opportunity, access and participation.


A process whereby members of a cultural group adopt the patterns, beliefs, languages, and behaviours of another group’s culture.


See Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


See American Descendants of Slavery


See Assigned Female/Male At Birth (AFAB/AMAB)

Affinity Groups

A collection of individuals with similar interests or goals.

Affirmative Action

The practice of favouring groups of people who have been discriminated against in the past.

Affirming Honorific

A title (e.g., Mr., Ms., or Mx.) that affirms a person’s identity.

Affirming Pronouns

Pronouns that match a person’s gender identity (e.g., he, she, they).

African American

The term African American refers to people in the United States who have ethnic origins in Africa.


In a D&I context, a person who expresses or gives support to a marginalised, disadvantaged or socially underrepresented group of which they are not a member.


The process by which people with privilege and power work to develop empathy towards and/or advance the interests of an oppressed or marginalised outgroup.

American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS)

A group that seeks to reclaim and restore the critical national character of the African American identity and experience in the United States.


Techniques used to give a member of a less dominant group more credit by repeating their message.


A person identifying or expressing gender outside of the gender binary.

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