Africa Energy Guarantee Facility (AEGF)

A guarantee to support reinsurers in the provision of investment and trade insurance services for the African energy sector through local partners.

Alternative Fuels

Fuels that are derived from sources other than petroleum.

Baseload (Power)

The minimum amount of power that needs to be produced at any given time to meet energy demand.

Beyond Carbon

A Bloomberg Philanthropies campaign against climate change in the United States.

Beyond Coal

A campaign by environmental group the Sierra Club to promote renewable energy instead of coal.


Energy derived from any form of biomass or its metabolic by-products.

Bioenergy with carbon dioxide capture and storage (BECCS)

Carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) technology applied to a bioenergy facility.


Fuels produced from biomass e.g. dry organic matter or combustible oils produced by plants.


Organic material, usually plant-based, used as fuel to produce heat or electricity.

Bloomberg Global Coal Countdown

A Bloomberg data source on coal electricity generation capacity and plant phase-out progress around the world.

CEM Hydrogen Initiative

See: Clean Energy Ministerial Hydrogen Initiative

Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Hydrogen Initiative

An initiative of the Clean Air Ministerial to highlight the role that hydrogen and fuel cell technologies can play in the global clean energy transition.

Clean Sky Joint Undertaking (CSJU)

A joint initiative established by the European Commission and the European aviation industry to research and develop technologies that reduce GHG emissions and other forms of pollution in the aviation industry.


A combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock, formed mostly of carbon with variable amounts of other elements, chiefly hydrogen, sulphur, oxygen and nitrogen.

Coal Phase-out Pledge

A pledge made by at least 23 countries at COP26 to phase out coal as a source of energy.

Cogenerate / Cogeneration

A combined energy system that uses by-product heat from energy generation for additional purposes.


1. in the oil and gas industry, a company‚Äôs operations that involve the last steps in the supply chain. 2. In the context of a supply chain, the activities associated with an entity’s goods and services after they are produced.

Electric vehicle (EV)

A vehicle whose propulsion is powered fully or mostly by electricity.


See Emergy

Energy and Fleet Fuel Management

The practice of using programs, policies, equipment or technologies, maintenance strategies, data analytics, and computer modelling to optimise fuel and energy efficiency across a set of vehicles.

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