The action or process of officially recognising someone as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity.

Blue Dot Network (BDN)

A mechanism to certify infrastructure projects that meet robust international quality standards.

British Standard BS 76005:2017 Valuing people through diversity and inclusion – code of practice for organisations

A British Standard that provides a holistic approach to diversity and inclusion and enables organisations to demonstrate a real commitment to valuing people at every level.

Carbon Credit Quality Initiative (CCQI)

A free, user-friendly tool to score different types of carbon credits against seven quality objectives.

Carbon labelling

Labelling of a consumer product to describe the carbon dioxide emissions created as a by-product of manufacturing, transporting, or disposing of the product.

CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project)

A UK-based non-profit NGO that runs a global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts.

CDP Climate Disclosure Score

A scoring system used to assess participants’ environmental stewardship.

CDSB Climate Change Reporting Framework

A voluntary reporting framework designed to elicit climate change-related information from companies so investors can understand the impact of climate change on a company’s finances and value.

CDSB Framework for Reporting Environmental and Social Information

A framework that sets out an approach for reporting environmental and social information in mainstream reports.

CDSB Framework for Reporting Environmental Information, Natural Capital, and Associated Business Impacts

A now-superseded system of providing environmental and Climate Change information in annual reports, 10-K filings and integrated reports for investors to analyse.


The procedure by which a third party gives written assurance that a product, process, or service conforms to specific requirements.

Circles of Sustainability Approach

A method for understanding and assessing sustainability.

Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)

A global non-profit organization that acts both as the main cheerleader and key thought leader for the Green Bond market.

Climate Bonds Standard

The Climate Bonds Standard is fully compliant with the GBP but goes a step further in defining what is truly green, based on scientific Paris-aligned sectoral criteria.

Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB)

An international consortium of business and environmental NGOs, committed to advancing and aligning the global mainstream corporate reporting model to equate natural capital with financial capital.

Common Reporting Format (CRF)

A standardised format for reporting estimates of greenhouse gas emissions and removals and other relevant information by Annex I Parties.

Continuous improvement

The process of enhancing a management system to achieve improvements in overall performance in line with an organisation’s policy.

Country sustainability ranking

An index published annually by RobecoSAM, offering “a comprehensive view into a country’s strengths and weaknesses that are not typically covered by a traditional sovereign risk rating”.


Labelling systems for food and consumer products. 

Emission standard

A standard that sets a limit on the quantity of pollutants and GHGs that can be emitted into the atmosphere from a specific source or group of sources.

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