B Corp

Any for-profit entity that is certified by the non-profit B Lab as voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance.

Bali Agenda for Resilience

Title of the Co-Chairs’ Summary of the seventh session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, Bali, Indonesia, 25-27 May 2022.

Bamako Convention

See Convention on the Ban of the Import into Africa and the Control of Transboundary Movements and Management of Hazardous Wastes within Africa, Bamako, 1991


See Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)

Banking Environment Initiative (BEI)

A group of global banks committed to pioneering actionable pathways towards a sustainable economy.


A legal proceeding in which a company becomes insolvent.

Barcelona Convention for Protection against Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, 1976

A regional framework applicable to countries adjoining or operating in the Mediterranean Sea, to prevent pollution of and protect the natural environments in that sea.

Base of the Pyramid

In economics, refers to the nearly two-thirds of humanity (>4 billion people) living in poverty

Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal

An international treaty that seeks to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of hazardous wastes, by controlling its movement across borders.

Baseline scenario

Scenarios based on the assumption that no mitigation policies or measures will be implemented beyond those that are already in force, legislated or planned to be adopted.

Baseload (Power)

The minimum amount of power that needs to be produced at any given time to meet energy demand.


The BedMachine project is an Antarctic bed topography product based on ice thickness data from 19 different research institutes dating back to 1967.


The experience of being accepted and included by those around you. To have a sense of social connection and identification with others.


Standard performance metrics for measuring success versus an index, peer group or target.

Benefit period

The period of time between which outcomes begin and end.

Benevolent Sexism

A subtle form of sexism that can be well intended and includes positive attitudes toward gender, but can be damaging to people and gender equality.

Best Management Practice (BMP) / Best Practice

Practices, procedures, or routines which are shown to improve financial and nonfinancial outcomes, on average and across a large number of firms.

Best-in-class investment

A comparative investment style that involves investing only in companies that lead their peer groups in respect of sustainability performance.

Beyond Carbon

A Bloomberg Philanthropies campaign against climate change in the United States.

Beyond Coal

A campaign by environmental group the Sierra Club to promote renewable energy instead of coal.

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