King Code of Governance Principles (King 4 / King IV)

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Described in ‘The King Report on Corporate Governance’ which is a book of guidelines (voluntary principles and leading practices) for the governance structures and operation of companies in South Africa.It is issued by the King Committee on Corporate Governance.

Three reports were issued in 1994 (King I), 2002 (King II), and 2009 (King III) and a fourth revision (King IV) in 2016. The Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA) owns the copyright of the King Report on Corporate Governance and the King Code of Corporate Governance.

Compliance with the King Reports is a requirement for companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The King Report on Corporate Governance has been cited as “the most effective summary of the best international practices in corporate governance”.

Concepts that were introduced by King III and earlier versions of the report, such as ethical and effective leadership, the organisation being an integral part of society, corporate citizenship, sustainable development, stakeholder inclusivity and integrated annual reports have remained, but have been refined in King IV™.


King IV TM An outcomes-based corporate governance code fit for a changing world (PwC)