Common Reporting Format (CRF)

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A standardised format for reporting estimates of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals and other relevant information by Annex I Parties.

Under the UNFCCC reporting guidelines on annual inventories for Annex I Parties, inventory submissions are in two parts:

Common reporting format (CRF) tables – a series of standardized data tables containing mainly quantitative information;
National Inventory Report (NIR) – a report containing transparent and detailed information on the inventory. It should include descriptions of the methodologies used in the estimations (including references and sources of information), the data sources, the institutional arrangements for the preparation of the inventory (including quality assurance and control procedures), and recalculations and changes compared with the previous inventory.
Good annual inventories should include transparent documentation and data to enable the reader to understand the underlying assumptions and calculations of the reported emission estimates. Annex I Parties should implement and maintain national inventory arrangements for the estimation of anthropogenic GHG emissions by sources and removals by sinks. The national inventory arrangements include all institutional, legal and procedural arrangements made within an Annex I Party for estimating emissions and removals of GHGs, and for reporting and archiving inventory information.


Reporting Requirements (UNFCCC)