Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organisations

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A document for and by humanitarian organisations, intended to help them play their part and highlight their relevance in responding to climate and environmental crises.

The Charter contains seven commitments, which are:

  1. Step up our response to growing humanitarian needs and support those who are the most at risk to the impacts of the climate and environmental crises (adaptation, disaster risk reduction and anticipatory action)
  2. Maximize the environmental sustainability of our work and rapidly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Embrace the leadership of local actors and communities: our action will be guided by the leadership and experience of local actors and communities.
  4. Increase our capacity to understand climate and environmental risks and develop evidence-based solutions
  5. Work collaboratively across the humanitarian sector and beyond to strengthen climate and environmental action
  6. Use our influence to mobilize urgent and more ambitious climate action and environmental protection
  7. Develop targets and measure our progress as we implement our commitments.
  8. ICRC and IFRC have both adopted concrete targets and a roadmap for their implementation.


Climate Environment Charter PDF