Centralized accounting and reporting platform (CARP)

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The overarching information platform that publishes information submitted through the Article 6 database where Parties submit Annual Information on transfer of ITMOs.

The CARP makes information public about the various Article 6 infrastructure systems, including the database, the international registry, the Article 6.4 mechanism registry, and related contents from Parties’ BTRs.

The Article 6 database and the CARP, in tandem, summarize the information about what is being transferred by countries and the flow of units. These transactions happen at different levels. For instance, Parties will provide information on ITMOs representing units that are transferred in the A6.4M registry. That same Party may also have a bilateral exchange with another Party: this is the type of summary information that is expected to be published on the CARP through the information in the database.

See also: Article 6 (of the Paris Agreement)


Infrastructure for Article 6 of the Paris Agreement (ERCST, February 2022)
Note on Article 6 Infrastructure (ERCST)