British Standard BS 76005:2017 Valuing people through diversity and inclusion – code of practice for organisations

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Provides recommendations for undertaking, reviewing, assessing and undertaking a competent and principled approach to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The recommendations cover people management and development, and the evolution of more inclusive policies, procedures, practices and behaviours within organisations supporting diversity. The building of productive relationships with others – be they customers, clients or people within communities – is also a key recommendation in the standard.

BS 76005 is relevant to all organisations, whatever their size, sector and level of maturity. The standard recognizes that each organisation is different and that decision-makers are best placed to determine the most appropriate approach according to their organisation’s context.

This British Standard is informed by and supports the principles contained in BS 76000, which specifies high-level strategic requirements for a management system for valuing people.


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