Bali Agenda for Resilience

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Title of the Co-Chairs’ Summary of the seventh session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, Bali, Indonesia, 25-27 May 2022.

The seventh session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction took place from 25 to 27 May 2022 in Bali, Indonesia. It was co-chaired by H.E. Prof. Muhadjir Effendy, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Cultural Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, and Ms. Mami Mizutori, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Organized in a hybrid format, the Global Platform had over 4000 participants from a total of 185 countries. Progress towards gender parity and accessibility was evident throughout the platform. Half of the panellists and 40 percent of participants were women. Over 200 persons with disability actively engaged in panels and in discussion, doubling the number since the 2019 Global Platform.

The 2022 Global Platform took stock of the implementation of the Sendai Framework, based on the experience of practitioners and policy makers at local, national, and regional levels, progress reported by Member States through the Sendai Framework Monitor, the United Nations 2022 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction, and other recent reports such as the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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Co-Chairs’ Summary: Bali Agenda for Resilience: From risk to resilience: Towards sustainable development for all in a COVID-19 transformed world